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Endowment Insurance Quote

These days it is common for people to choose life insurance policies as their medium to secure their and their family’s future in the long run.

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The life insurance market is flourished with several insurance options but when it comes to complete safety of life people look for endowment life insurance. The main reason why people opt for endowment life insurance is that it offers double benefit to the holder.

What is Endowment Insurance?

Endowment life insurance is a kind of savings scheme that benefits policy holder with the life insurance cover. When a person buys endowment life insurance he is supposed to make regular payments for the policy, which will be paid back to him in a lump-sum amount at the end of the term of their policy, also the policy holder gets the money if he dies uncertainly during the tenure of his insurance plan.

Most of the time people link endowment life insurance with the mortgage scheme that provides only interest that makes the assured amount received at the end of policy term sufficient enough.

In case the holder dies during the policy period, they surely get back their mortgage with assured rate of interest included in the total amount. However, if you feel that the endowment insurance policy you have chosen will not be able to pay off your mortgage at the time of maturity period or you have been cheated about the benefits of the same, you are entitled to get compensation in lieu of the same or you can even sell it to the third party instead of surrendering it back to the insurance company. But, after selling/surrendering policy the holdervvwill no longer be entitled to the life insurance cover that you were having with endowment life insurance and also you need to look for other better alternatives.

Alternatives to Endowment Life Insurance

If you are not satisfied with the features of Endowment life insurance than there is an option of Mortgage Protection Life Insurance, which provides protection cover to your family even after your death. The tenure for the same varies from company to company selling such insurance policies. The one major thing to look out for while buying Mortgage protection life insurance is to check which company is offer high rate of interest at low premium with minimum frills.

Main Benefits of Endowment Life Insurance

The major benefit that makes Endowment life insurance a choice of millions is that the policy is sure to get something in the both the possible cases. Unlike other insurance plans, no matter what may happen either the policy gets matured or the policy dies uncertainly, a fixed amount of money will surely be provided to the family of the holder or the policy holder itself.

Main Drawback of Endowment Life Insurance

The only drawback of Endowment Life Insurance policies is that they require expensive annual premiums in comparison to the other life insurance options available. This policy becomes out of bounds of those people who are not in a position to pay hefty premium amount for the security of their future, thus it has its reach to the handful of people only.

Endowment Insurance Reviews

There are a number of top life companies offering endowment insurance quotes, usually with a range of different plans. If you have experience of a particular plan please let us know by contacting us directly. You can also leave comment at review websites such as On the whole though we are all very lucky that high quality endowment life insurance companies in the UK.

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