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Death Endowment Policy

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Death Endowment Policy

An endowment policy allows the policy holder benefits from a sum or payment, taken out from the premiums he paid for the duration of the policy. It can 10 to 40 years. The people that intervene in the start of endowment policy insurance are: the insurance company, the broker, he safeguards the interests of the company, the policy holder and the beneficiary.

The policy holder will sign the paper work and agreed to the received the sum of money after the payment of the premium, once it’s paid, the beneficiary will be entitled that money to cover its main necessities, it may be a college tuition, a mortgage, a business, etc.

So What is a Death Endowment Policy?

The Endowment policy is a type of policy that complies with the needs of every policy holder, in case of tough event such as the death of the holder, the families can beneficiates from the premium paid out and the sum of money goes to them. It’s simple and fast, this type of insurance can cover any event of death or illness that is terminal o serious. To continue with your plans in the future, the death endowment policy will cover the financial needs of your loved ones and help them pass through all their suffer, such as the funeral expenses and let them know that you were always there to protect them from the worst and inevitable.

Endowment policies are suitable and most popular option. They offer a saving and insurance solution in an insurance policy because the company covers risks for a specific period of time. At the end of this period of time, the sum of money from the premiums is paid back to the policy holder, or in this case, the beneficiary, along with bonuses. The policy sum of money is paid back on its maturity or in the event of death, whatever event comes early, it does no matter whether the holder is death or alive. In case of an endowment policy, the premium rate maintains higher than the bonus rate.

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