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FIL Endowment Life Insurance

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FIL Endowment Life Insurance

Formerly known as the Fidelity Insurance Company, FIL Life Insurance was incorporated in 1900 and is based in the United Kingdom. It is one of the leading insurance companies of the country as it has been providing its clients with a multitude of insurance coverage plans for more than a century now.

FIL Life Insurance’s endowment life insurance programs are especially popular owing to the great long term benefits and bonuses. Since policy holders are the ones who decide how much they can save each month, this plan is taken up by many clients. Policy holders also decide the maturity term so it is easy for them to incorporate the amount they receive into their long term plans.

Endowment signifies the certain payout amount that you receive at the end of the term. You can use it for any purpose such as college fee for your children, living expenses, mortgage or lease pay offs. While there are specially designed pension plans as well, many people use the proceeds from a matured insurance policy as part of their retirement plan as they are guaranteed a large sum of money.

Buying an endowment life insurance policy from FIL Life Insurance will guarantee a large sum at the end of the policy term. The trick is to keep paying your premiums at time which should not be a problem if you save a certain amount each month. Even with the rate of inflation as high as it is, an endowment plan still manages to pay enough at the end of the term. Since it is virtually impossible to save owing to the high cost of living, an insurance plan of this sort can make saving easy. You also have the option of taking your policy back and your entire initial amount with it if you need your money at any point.

At FIL Life Insurance, endowment life insurance plans are designed to combine insurance with savings. So in actuality, you are getting two things for the price of one – insurance coverage in case an adverse situation arises and savings at the end of the term! Technically, endowment plans are risk free as you do not lose any money in any case. Even though a plan of this nature is slow in piling up interest (because it is safe!), it eventually pays off enough for you to consider the amount as savings or tuition fee.

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