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Legal General Endowment Insurance

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Legal General Endowment Insurance

The Legal & General Endowment Insurance is a policy, which promises the insurer a sum of money for life cover after a fixed policy maturation date.

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A one such policy in its own this will return you the invested sum even if you die before the maturation of such policy. It even provides you financial cover from any predicament through policies like Savings Plan, Flexible Mortgage Plans and many more. In case of mortgage insurance, its promises to pay money value of the original mortgage or to the highest level, but no such guarantee to pay the whole at the term end of this policy.

About Legal & General Endowment Life Insurance

Legal & General was founded in June 1836 by then Sgt. John Adams and five of his lawyers headquartered in London. Earlier this firm was under the brand name New Law Life Insurance Society, restricted to provide financial insurances to only those in legal profession. Later on the organization opened arms for the general public gaining hold as Legal & General. Till date this firm caters around 9,324 employees with its efficient operations in countries like U.K, India, Netherlands, France, USA and Egypt.

Catering numerous insurances

Legal & General was founded with an aim to secure financial insecurities of public and providing them aids. Hence, they came up with following policies including:

Pensions: The sole purpose for providing these pension policies is to encourage individuals to save something for post retirement venture through flexible and low cost pensions. This setup requires contributions from your side if you are a worker, self-employed or even if you are not, which is a tax-efficient road to investing for your own future.

Life Insurance: This setup is to provide security and assurance to you and offer financial protection to your family in event of your death. This policy lets you choose your own premium amount and is even flexible in terms of monthly and annually. And if you choose monthly premium you will end up getting a benefit of 4% discount on your own investment.

Investments: Legal & General have come up with ISA investments i.e. Individual Savings Account. This is one of a kind investment, which protects your from tax incentives. Here the insurer can invest a sum of money on, which they get profits debarred from any personal tax. Hence, you gain generous incentives. You can start your investments with as low as 50£ to 500£ per month.

General Insurance: This firm offers public a mode of investing in general insurance where they can receive protection and help for their home loans, auto loans, mortgage loans and many more. Here you are on benefit end as this policy assures a full financial security for your family in your mortal absence.

Legal General Endowment Insurance Reviews

Legal & General is highly appreciated among clients and customers for providing dully promised protection covers on time and with maximum benefits. Our firm received 2 ½ stars out 5 and getting maximum reviews on reviews

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