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Liverpool Victoria Endowment Insurance

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Liverpool Victoria Endowment Insurance

Liverpool Victoria endowment insurance policy is setup to provide assurance to the insurer of their financial securities. This policy offers you cover in situations when you need help without seeking immediate returns.

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This policy involves contribution of your money into certain policies suiting your requirement, which promises your benefitting results. The policy claims to give insurer sufficient financial security cover so that they can ‘look after what they love’. This endowment insurance not only promises to take care of your family’s finances after the policy matures but even if you die before maturation its provides you full return.

About Liverpool Victoria Endowment Insurance

Incepted in year 1843, this organization was widely conceptualized as a friendly or burial society for door-to-door collection of money. Sole purpose was to help and guide people in to contribute money for their loved ones for their (insurers and loved ones) after-death funeral and as a savings for their beloved. Ever since 1997 Liverpool Victoria incorporated itself as a brand ‘LV=’ for offering provisions to customer regarding retirement, investment and insurance solutions. It is among the largest Friendly Societies in UK, with its registered office in Country Gates, Westbourne, Bournemouth; submissively catering versatile requirements of about 1.1 million clients.

Business Endeavors

Liverpool Victoria ever since its foundation aimed at offering apt and beneficial solutions to clients in order to provide them financial security through policies like:

General Insurance: This policy caters the financial requirements regarding, home loans, auto loans, travel loans and even loans for business ventures. Liverpool Victoria facilitates this provision through telephonic and internet help to clients.

Investments: Liverpool offers fund management and open-ended investments (OEI) through its sub-sections LV Portfolio Managers Limited and LV Asset Management.

Life Insurance: The insurance policy of LV= provides a full profit assurance covering an entire gamut of pensions, life insurances and term assurance. LV Friendly Society Ltd and LVC Ltd augmented immense flexibility in their retirement solutions.

Banking: Liverpool indeed offers apt banking services to customers through loans and credit cards.

Liverpool Victoria Endowment Insurance Reviews

The amazing endowment insurance policies offered by LV= or Liverpool Victoria not only assures payment of full invested sum of money after the maturation date mentioned in the policy but also if the insurer dies before the maturation date. Customers are always at the benefitting end I what ‘LV=’ takes care of. You can view some positive feedback and response from our clients & even post your own view, comment on the web link given below: reviews

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