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There’s an increasing popularity in the media and among the population about the endowment policy, compared to a whole life insurance, endowment policy is cheaper and allows its target costumer insert in the world of insurance to take care of the most beloved ones. Of course, it’s cheap but it’s not free, it is beneficial too.

What he often hear from people inexperienced or experienced about the subject, they tend to be away from new focus of policies and prefer be immersed in the traditional ones, for being afraid of cost, low coverage and other typical judgment. However, this coverage is also effective, because lets you earn money and choose between two different types of endowment.

Like a whole and partial life insurance, we meet here two differences terms, first, endowment policy number 1 can cover you and your family until you reach a certain age, generally it’s the pension and retirement age that is 65 years old and give you the payback or a maturity value for having completed the whole policy agreement. Policy number 2, you can agree to be covered for a certain period of time, the minimum is 20 years, and after completing these years, you will receive a maturity value. As you see, is very easy to differentiate.

In both you will have to pay a monthly premium that won’t surpass the value of 9 Dollars or 7 Euros, depending of the company’s terms. Besides, by the time the agreement ends, the policy-holder will receive and automatically rebound as for a pension for all he or she spent during the last years in a fixed monthly payment. So, we can see that it’s totally affordable, plus it’s one of the most considered options among young people o couples who just started a family or wish to start it.

Bear in mind that not all the insurances companies have the same terms, exceptions and regulations are kept on the paperwork just before they are rendered to you and you can count on a particular lawyer whom you can consult or ask for some advice. Learn about different types of insurance options and do not stay with the one you were first recommended, make your own search online or google insurance companies in your location. Don’t be afraid to submit any questions to the company advisers and sellers, you have the right to do this because you’re pursuing for better life quality and insurance in first place.

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