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Financial Assurance Company Limited Endowment Life Insurance

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Financial Assurance Company Limited Endowment Life Insurance

As a responsible person you will always choose your family protection and safety over everything else. This calls for an appropriate planning of finances in your working years so that you can live a peaceful and protected life with your family in your retirement age. There is no right time to make a good investment and fortunately now you have many types of insurance policy at your hands distance that you can enjoy the flexibility in terms of age and premium.

Financial Assurance Company is the oldest and one of the best leading insurance company in the UK insurance field. However, you have to invest your money and start savings at an early stage so that you don’t come up short while planning for your family finances. There are different endowment policies like critical illness policy, mortgage protection, accidental death benefits and waiver of premium benefits which are mostly useful for the insurer. The waiver of premium benefits is the most useful in all as under this option all premiums are waived off in case of total disability.

How to find the value of the policy?

If you are regularly paying your insurance premium each year you will receive an annual bonus statement which will tell you how your policy is performing. You can also directly contact your insurance agent. Your endowment policy is a life insurance contract which is designed to pay you the lump sum money after a specified term or on earlier death.

What if the policy has a shortfall?

If your value of funds is less than the sum required meeting and repaying the maturity amount you will have to make up the difference amount from other sources. Also selling your policy before the maturity is also possible but you should take care of the result of it as your protection will lapse and the premium amount you have paid will also be not refunded.

Even all endowment policies are not suitable for trading, so it is better to take advice before taking any decision and ask to Association of Policy Market Makers (AAPM) about the good suggestion. AAPM represents a number of independent market makers. Market makers sell suitable policies to new owners who buy second hand plans as an investment and they can help you to find the suitable customers.

Endowment life insurance policy can help you and your family to stay safe and protected in this uncertain and fast life.

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