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Forester Life Limited Endowment Life Insurance

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Forester Life Limited Endowment Life Insurance

Investment in Foresters endowment life insurance is linked to the units in a collective investment fund which itself invest in other funds. Mostly it is better to go with such investment strategy as they choose less risky but profitable funds to invest which normal individual might not be able to do it. Each plan is notionally allocated units in the funds, so you can pay more premiums to get more units and make your investment big.

Each plan even children’s plan includes an element of life insurance cover which is guaranteed to be paid out if the insurer dies at an early stage. The whole benefit is given to the nominee of the insurer and they can assume financial stability throughout their life. There are different plans exists in the UK and at the time of maturity the number of units you have purchased will be multiplied by the unit price that applies to the maturity dates. On death, this value will be payable if it is more than the guaranteed cover.

Long term Investments

All our unit linked plans are mostly for long term investment. It is helpful because in long term we can make good investment and get good lump sum amount at the time of retirement or in case of early death. The long term plan is not for short time exit and if it is cashed before the end of its intended period insurance company will not pay full potential as it is made up of.

As an alternative one can choose to decide terms which pays out a sum at certain interval instead of a longer lock in. This will mean that you are not required to pay any more premiums and the maturity value will be decided based on the number of units allocated up to that period.

Legal ownership can also be transferred to another person provided the owner should be of age more than 18 years or over at the time of transfer.

Friendly Endowment policy

The plan term is usually 10 years and it must mature before the insurer reaches in the age of 80’s.The plan pays out at the end of the term or on the maturity or on the earlier death of the person who is ensured. So it is always fine to have an endowment life insurance policy with a long maturity plan so that better incentives can be claimed. Also it comes with bonus where at the time of maturity you will not only get the invested portion but sum of fix amount either in lump sum or in installments.

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