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With Profits Endowment Policy Quote

Endowment policies with profits is a special type of life insurance policy. The face amount and the accumulated bonus money generated over the period is paid on a pre determined fixed date or in case of death, whichever occurs first. There is an additional provision for receiving annual bonuses from the profits of insurance companies. These policies are best suited on sudden occasions to meet the special lump sum needs most commonly, for paying up college tuition or for a retirement home purchase.

Premiums for endowment policies with profits are generally higher the usual life insurance and term policies since the money is invested in insurance companies which then yield the further bonuses over the term period.

These special types of policies are therefore called the endowment policies with profits.

Policy Quote

There are several companies providing the endowment policies. It is easy to check the best available for a person’s need online where one can compare different policies. The basic details of the policies are not difficult to obtain. Based on the policy time selected premiums can be calculated which may marginally differ from the actual premiums. The policy begins its scheduled term the moment a person pays his first premium. If at the end of the term, the person is still alive and has not surrendered the policy, he will receive the accumulated sum.

Face Value

A face value at the end of the term of the policy is always guaranteed to the policy holder based on the monthly premiums the person pays till the end of the term. It is the minimum payout which excludes the bonuses that is added over the years. The with-profits endowment policies became a phenomenon during the end of millennium. They have been widely used to repay mortgages where the policy holder pays only the interest taking out the mortgage using the policy thus making contribution to the endowment policy with profits.

The End Term Benefits

The whole idea is profitable if the profit generated in the policy over the years will be more than the mortgage such that a value of money will be left with the policy holder at the end of the day. The endowment policies can be terminated or sold at any point of time during the term but that would deny him any bonuses incurred. That may even result in loss if the policy was called to repay mortgages.

With Profits Endowment to Protect Your Family

Life insurance is a perfect way to make sure the financial security of your family. Future is unpredictable; why not make a smart move. With profits endowment policy is actually a contractual insurance which entitles a policy holder to take part in the profits generated by the insurance company. Mutual life insurance providing companies generally have such policies. The objective of these policies is to achieve profits and capital growth in long term. With a bit of research into the company’s background, financial strength and its return policies, the investors make a certain deal for a fixed time period.


A part or share of profits earned by insurance companies is distributed among the with profits endowment policy holders in terms of bonus. These ‘bonus’ are called ‘dividends’ in the US and the other Asian countries. The with-profits endowment policies fall into two categories, Single premium contracts and Regular premium contracts. In both the cases, a basic sum also called the face value to which the bonus is accrued is assured at the end of the term. It is the minimum amount of money that will be paid at the time of maturity of the policy to the policy holder or to the nominee on the policy holder’s demise. The lump sum includes the face value and the bonuses generated over the term period.

Smoothing and Bonuses

When a certain amount of the profits earned during a positive year is kept on hold to compensate for a less productive year in future, it is called ‘smoothing’. Parts of these profits is later distributes as returns. This is one of the methods employed in with-profits policies. Three types of bonuses can be generated in a policy. One is ‘Annual Bonus’ that is paid out by the company at the end of every financial year. It is the part of the profits generated by the company using the policy holder’s investment. The second one is the ‘Final Bonus’ which is paid at the time of the maturity. The third bonus is the ‘exceptional bonus’ that may be tied to the policy. It is accrued to the policy when the company undergoes restructuring and reaps exceptional returns. Usually the policy does not reflect such bonuses.

Market Value Reduction

The with-profits endowment policies were affected by the ‘Market Value Reduction’ policy that was adopted by the companies to compensate for the low productive investment years. This allows companies to limit the withdrawal value to the value of the policy. These measures retorted by Equitable company has somehow made the with-profits policies a little less popular.

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