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How Much does an Endowment Policy for £200,000 cost?

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How Much does an Endowment Policy for £200,000 cost?

The endowment policy of £200 000 is one of the most popular, as this sum is enough for every family to cover its expenses, if the financial provider of the family dies, or if he would suffer an accident that would not allow him to work anymore. As for the costs of this policy, you can expect to pay about £60-£70 per month for this contract, for 20 years. Besides this, the majority of insurance companies will allow you to add an investment component to the contract, which makes sure that you are able to cover a large number of possible accidents, but also to get some bonuses and prizes. The possible incomes and bonuses associated with the policy would determine the additional sums that you need to pay besides the £60-£70 estimated earlier.

Don’t take the promises of the insurance company for granted. They might promise you huge incomes and interests for your invested money, of 15-20%, but you should know that there is not always possible. The insurance companies would put your money into some investment funds, and it is known that the most rewarding of them are also the riskiest. Therefore, if you want to feel safe about your policy, you will have to choose one of the programs that are matched for your profile of risk, but also with your expectations.

The investment feature of an endowment policy of £200,000 could be used for buying bonds, and stocks of the biggest companies and corporations of the world. In this case, the money is relatively safe, but you can’t expect dividends of more than 6-7% per month for your investments. at the opposite pole, we have the funds based in real estate speculations, hedge and future options, which can bring you even 20-25%, but after the financial recession in 2008, which appeared especially because of those funds, you should be careful while investing in such funds. If you are only interested about coverage, and not only about investments, you should be able to find such options, but those are not endowment policies. However, it is a pity not to benefit of this investment feature as long as you can, and you should know that the endowment policy is the most popular amongst the UK citizens today.

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