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How Much does an Endowment Policy for £250,000 cost?

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How Much does an Endowment Policy for £250,000 cost?

Even if the endowment policies are on our local UK market for decades, it is a pity that some still don’t know how those work, and what benefits could they bring. An endowment policy is a combination of coverage and investment, and each part of this contract has to be assessed and evaluated by the client before actually paying the rates.

An endowment policy of £250,000 means that the insurance company would pay this sum to the designated beneficiary, in case you die, or in case other events stated as a clause in the contract happens.

This type of policy is pretty popular, as this is the average sum needed for a family in case the financial provider dies, for paying the mortgage in a single slump, or for covering other credits and debts. The client has to pay about £80 for this clause of the contract, but the investment feature of the contract is different, and the rate for this option could be bigger.

The good news is that the difference would practically be yours also. Let’s suppose that you pay about £200 monthly for your endowment rate. As said before, eighty pounds will be paid for the actual insurance, while £120 will be invested by the insurance company in a program of your choice. Let’s see what programs available, programs that are suited for investors with different profiles of risk. The names of programs could be different from one company to the other, but usually, they are about the same thing.

  • low risk programs – those are the programs for which your insurance company invests the money in bonds and banking deposits, meaning that you won’t get the most spectacular interests, but at least it is a safe program
  • The average risk programs – those are usually composed of stocks, and some hedge funds and maybe Forex operations. Those programs are associated with an average level of risk, but you can expect ROI (Return of Investment) of 12-15% per year
  • the high risks programs – those are the most rewarding types of investments that can bring you profits of 15-20% per year

It is your responsibility to choose the investment program suited for your risk profile, and to associate the endowment policy with it.

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