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Cigna Endowment Life Insurance

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Cigna Endowment Life Insurance

Cigna Endowment Life Insurance offering top-notch policies could be something you might finding to secure your and your family’s life. CIGNA is a recognized name in the field of the health service. This company has been working in the field of improving the people health, security, and well-being. There are about 46 million people covered with a package of dental, medical, health, accident, as well as disability insurance.

In today’s world, the life insurance has become the necessity, which should be part of every individual’s financial plan. This insurance plan provides more benefits to the younger age person, as the sooner in life you buy the insurance plan lesser is the premium you need to pay. There are numerous types of plans available as cash back plans, endowment plans, etc.

Endowment policy comes as the well-wisher and is recommended for the persons who are not independent or seeking for support, if someone is no longer alive, to keep them financially independent. This plan should be bought by every family so that the family is able to fulfil their daily needs after the insured person is no more available to take care.

The primary benefit such a policy can offer you is you do not need to worry about family needs now when you will not be around as this policy provides a good financial cover that helps the family members in your absence.

The term life insurance provides the insurance to the person for some of the specific duration. The best example of it is the insurance provided by the employer, this last as your employment with the company lasts.

As the insurance coverage is for a shorter duration, the premium of such an insurance plan remains lower than the whole life policy. CIGNA has come up with numerous benefit options for the employer to provide them an option to offer benefits individually or in certain combinations. Few of the benefits are listed below.

  • The premium of the person is to be waived, if the insurance holder becomes disabled before the age of 60.
  • The existing policy can be converted to the endowment plan without any medical examination.
  • Employee can port the insurance coverage out of quitting the company, without any medical evidence.
  • The insurance amount of the existing coverage can be lifted without any medical evidence.
  • The policy comes with an auto increase option based on the earlier coverage amount without any medical evidence.

To find the best Cigna Endowment Life Insurance policy you can afford, speak to a professional today over the phone, or online.

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