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Endowment Life Insurance Reviews

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Endowment Life Insurance Reviews

The main motto behind people buying these life insurance policies does not lie on the fact that they want to financially secure their family in future or in order to pay their final assets. These policies are often more than just an investment. They are a clear path so that you do not ran out of money in your much needed times. Endowment Life Insurance policy is one such policy, which makes sure that you purchased not just a policy but friend in disguise, who would always help you in your bad times.

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Why Endowment Life Insurance policy?

Endowment Life Insurance policy is a kind of whole life insurance policy features, which is concurrent to a whole life policy for limited payment. Like any other policy with limited payment life insurance, for this too you are required to pay premium for a shorter period of time then what you do normally in whole life insurance policy. If in case you die before the maturation point of this policy than your alms person receives all the face value of the policy but if you’re still alive at the end of premium period then the policy pays the maturity face value but the force of the policy gets over.

Public response

The population in UK is still mesmerized with how this policy offers protection to a large number of numerous individuals. Also unlike the other life insurance policies, this one is not only for the policyholder but for his/her family members as well. The main attraction of the people toward this policy is solely because of its option of ensuring whether the policyholder enjoys the benefits provided by the policy or not. The highlighter of the policy of giving flexibility in the interest rate and shielding the holder from whatever risks existing in this planet is what get people talking about.

Benefits of Endowment Cover

Numerous benefits for business and personal use includes incorporation towards a tax free endowment life insurance policy payout in order to help the policyholder to develop charitable endowment for church or organization and also various schools. Since this policy obtains cash value it is mainly used as a corroborative for business or personal utilisation.


There would not be any policy on this earth which doesn’t possess drawbacks and same goes for Endowment Life Insurance policy as well. No wonder this policy is used in numerous cases of fraud and exploitation. In a matter of all the policies there always existed a motivation behind buying these policies. The sole reason behind this motivation is nothing but substantial money offered by the policy insurer and later killing the insured.

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