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How Much does an Endowment Policy for £100,000 cost?

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How Much does an Endowment Policy for £100,000 cost?

An endowment policy for £100,000 means that, in case one of the events stated in the contract happens, the beneficiary of the policy would receive a full £100,000. However, an endowment policy contains many clauses and features, such as an investment plan or coverage for other events besides death. This is why we can only establish an estimated cost of an insurance contract for £100,000.

The endowment policy is one of the best insurance contracts that you can sign, because it is a combination of coverage and investment.

A part of the premiums that you pay would be considered as payments for coverage, but the majority of money would be invested by the insurance company in different programs, and you will receive the respective benefits. In fact, the majority of sum would be used for this purpose. Besides this, a small part of the premiums will be taken by the insurance company as a commission for administrating and selling the policy.

There are many methods available for you to claim the endowment money, you could claim your money at the beginning of every year, but you can also invest the money back. Moreover, some policies give you the possibility to invest more money in it, so whenever you have some extra money, you can think about investing it in your policy. However, don’t think that you can claim your bonus as soon as it is declared by the insurance company. The bonus is accumulated, it will generate interest from investments, and you can claim it once a year, or at the maturity of the policy. Some of the companies allow you to claim your bonus once a year, at an agreed date, but you will have to check the specifications of the policy to see if you have this right.

For an ensured sum of £100,000, you can expect to pay about £50 a month for the insurance contract solely, but for the investment feature of the policy, you will probably need to pay more. Try to find those programs that have ROI (Return of Investment) of 15% per year or more, as this way, you will be able to benefit of solid incomes every year from your policy.

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